megan kendzior

umbilical tendrils

I have spent the past two years delving deep into the multifaceted entanglement of dance practice and community organizing -- research which is rooted in my years of labor as a dancemaker, performer, administrator, educator, and activist. This historic moment of uprising and isolation has allowed for an inward-facing practice to develop.

This repository works towards opening. I’m inviting you into a collection of remnants that were gathered between 2019-2021 through relationships with ancestors, mentors, and collaborators. The photos, videos, poems, and sounds that are housed on this site were created on the ancestral homelands of the Kizh, Tongva, Lenape, Calusa, Seminole, Cheyenne, Apsaalooké, and Očhéthi Šakówiŋ peoples. This repository will continue to evolve and new constellations will be added periodically. If you are interested in watching the longer videos where these remnants were sourced from, please visit:

This digital archive is part of a kaleidoscopic project that investigates the choreographic potentialities of unraveling assimilation, intergenerational inheritance, territorial reparation, and re-distribution of resources. The current manifestations of this project include: this virtual repository website; an ongoing solo embodied research practice where I dance, sing, and play accordion; dialogue-based creative gatherings with family members; community organizing labor within the dance landscape; the initiation of a process of giving land back; and deep engagement with more-than-human beings through their seeds, oils, essences, and plant bodies. 

This is life long work. I am practicing being with multiplicity, working against binaristic thinking, slowing down, living with the unknown, and existing in varying degrees of discomfort. I’m opening to tenderness, and it feels like I’m building portals to other historical moments in order to be in conversation with my loved ones and blood ones about what has been lost and gained through time in the process of becoming white in what is now known as the United States. With this project, I am working towards a slowing of the engines of perfectionism and assimilation in the service of excavating cellular memory and cultural heritage through dialogic and embodied practices. 

This practice has felt like an unraveling and an unfurling. I hope that this repository serves as an initiation of meaningful and transformative conversations. I’d love to hear from you! Please reach out if you’d like to connect: megan.kendzior <at>

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This research sharing is in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Fine Arts degree in Experimental Choreography at the University of California at Riverside.